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May 17th, 2018, ISSUE 222


Product with Serializable

While I don’t think that Product or Serializable are particularly good abstractions, there’s a reason that I extend them.
Cody Allen
Scala Enumerations hell

Should you use Scala’s built-in scala.Enumeration class or write your own implementation based on sealed class objects? People have been talking about it forever. But almost everyone agrees that usage of scala.Enumeration leaves a very bad taste and furthermore, it has few major problems.
Yurii Gorbylov
Running Play on GraalVM

Graal is a Polyglot VM that can run multiple languages and can interop between them without any overhead. In this blog post I will go into details what this means for Scala and especially for Play Framework and what runtime characteristics the new VM has, when running Play on top of it.
Christian Schmitt
Tagless Final algebras and Streaming

An example of abstracting out streaming and effects from a Doobie-based repository.
Gabriel Volpe (@volpegabriel87)
10 Reasons to Learn Scala and FP - DZone Java

Interested in dabbling in functional programming? At least, moreso than what Java 8 brought to the table? Here's the case for learning Scala.
Javin Paul (@javinpaul)
Hacker News API Part 4

If you didn’t read the previous 3 posts about this little learning project (or as my son calls it writing the same boring program over and over), then don’t worry because this will be self-contained and an introduction to the Monix library and a couple of fun things you can do with it.
justinhj (@justinhj)
Announcing the 2018 Scala Developer Survey

How do you use Scala? How did you come to Scala, and where are you going with it? How should the Scala language, the Scala library ecosystem, and Scala tooling improve? What’s next for the Scala community?
Scala Center (@scala_lang)
Intent to adopt the Apache License 2.0 for Scala

By popular demand, we intend to change the license that Scala is distributed under from the 3-clause BSD License to the Apache License v2.0. You have until 10 August 2018 to raise any objections.
Jorge Vicente Cantero and Adriaan Moors
Features I want in an IDE

In this post, I break down the features I want in an IDE. I introduce seven categories of IDE features, describe their associated trade-offs and summarize my personal preferences.
Ólafur Páll Geirsson (@olafurpg)
Typelevel ecosystem: a high-level overview

Learn about cats, cats-effect, circe, fs2, http4s, doobie , and how these libraries fit together.
Jakub Kozłowski (@kubukoz)


Scala - Your First Programming Language - Part 16 - Inheritance

In this video we will learn about inheritance - a mechanism for achieving modular design which as a by product allows for code reuse even though the code reuse part is frowned upon lately. We will discuss semantic differences between inheritance and subtype polymorphism and learn about object-oriented design patterns such as the "Template method" pattern. We will also dive into visibility and inheritance modifiers.
DevInsideYou (@DevInsideYou)
Preparing for Scala 3

A summary of hot upcoming updates in Scala 3 vel Dotty.
Martin Odersky (@Odersky)


Lambda World Seattle, September 17th - 18th

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47 degrees (@47deg)
Lambda World Cádiz, Spain, October 25th - 26th, 2018

Use promo code STLW18 for Scala Times readers to get 10% discount!
47 degrees (@47deg)
Scala in the City, May 23rd, 2018, Concentra, London, UK

We will hear from Chris Birchall from OVO on Shapeless and Jamie Pullar from Concentra on Cats.
Signify Technology (@Signify_Tech)
WIN a ticket to Scala Days New York

Simply send us a blog you have written that you would like featured on our website!
Signify Technology (@Signify_Tech)
LX Scala, Lisbon, Portugal, June 8th, 2018

The greatest Scala Conference in Southwest Europe. Use discount code lx_scala_times to get a 20% discount for our readers!
e.near (@enearportugal)
Scala Wave, September 6th - 8th, 2018, Gdańsk, Poland

Use code scalatimes_10, registration with special 10% off discount, to use on the conference day, ends on June 30th!
Scalac (@scalawavepl)



The pure testing library by scalaz.
testz contributors
sangria 1.4.1

A GraphQL library. Most recent spec changes, including `extend schema` in SDL, compatibility with GraalVM + a bunch of minor fixes and improvements.
Sangria contributors

An example of GraphQL server built with sangria, http4s and circe which compiles and runs as a GraalVM native image.
Oleg Ilyenko (@easyangel)
Mantis 1.1

Scala Client for Ethereum Classic, The Daedalus Release.
Mantis contributors

Implicit conversion of Encoder and Decoder into Serializer/Deserializer/Serde.
Tim Steinbach (@Tim_Steinbach)
Scala 2.13.0-M4

This is the first 2.13 milestone that includes the improved and simplified Scala collections library. We expect the API to mostly remain stable after this release, although there may still be minor changes in M5.
Scala contributors


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  1. Scala Times Issue #234

    Reverse State Monad in Scala. Is it possible?. Typedapi or how to derive your clients and servers from types. Testing in the wild. Akka HTTP request/response scope operations, vs. Deferred operations. Akka anti-patterns: too many actors.

  2. Scala Times Issue #233

    Akka HTTP and TCP streaming. Play Framework Action Composition. Scala 3 as a new Programming Language. [SPARK-14220] Build and test Spark against Scala 2.12 - ASF JIRA. How Curalate uses MXNet on AWS for some Deep Learning Magic.

  3. Scala Times Issue #232

    Akka anti-patterns: Java serialization. Practical Cats: Functor and Applicative. Why Scala Implicits. Implicits, type classes, and extension methods, part 4: understanding implicits. Scala FUD FAQ for newbies.

  4. Scala Times Issue #231

    Can someone explain to me the benefits of IO? . Shared State in Functional Programming. Demystifying Dependency Injection with Airframe. Scala Wars: FP-OOP vs FP. Lambda World Seattle, September 17th - 18th .

  5. Scala Times Issue #232

    Can someone explain to me the benefits of IO? . Shared State in Functional Programming. Demystifying Dependency Injection with Airframe. Scala Wars: FP-OOP vs FP. Lambda World Seattle, September 17th - 18th .

  6. Scala Times Issue #230

    Teaching Evolution With Genetic Algorithms. Rolling Your Own Monad To Deal With Nested Monads In Scala. Case Study - Solve Crosswords Puzzle. Scala Type Level – Part 4 : Way to the HigherKinds. Implicits, type classes, and extension methods, part 2: implicit derivation.

  7. Scala Times Issue #229

    How to turn ugly Java APIs into elegant, type-safe Scala APIs. Analyzing Pwned Passwords with Apache Spark. Understanding Parametricity in Scala. Are Scala Streams really lazy?. Convolutional LSTM for ocean temperature with Deeplearning4j.

  8. Scala Times Issue #228

    Compiling Scala Faster with GraalVM. Scala Compiler Options. Scalable read model updates in Akka Persistence. Are there exceptions in Scala?. Lambda World Seattle, September 17th - 18th .

  9. Scala Times Issue #227

    Compilation safety on Playframework’s i18n with Scala Macros. Reflections on using Typelevel Scala. A simple way to write parsers: using the State monad. Writing a simple Telegram bot with tagless final, http4s and fs2. Lambda World Seattle, September 17th - 18th .

  10. Scala Times Issue #226

    Scala in 2018 - The State of Developer Ecosystem by JetBrains. Combining ScalaCheck generators. Scalaz 8 IO vs Akka (typed) actors vs Monix (part 1). Use the decorator pattern for clean I/O boundaries. Scala - AnyVal meets Pattern Matching.

  11. Scala Times Issue #225

    Speeding Up Compilation Time with `scalac-profiling`. Partitioning Akka Streams for Scalability and High-Availability. Bringing back power assert with Expecty. Hot source dependencies using sbt-sriracha. Running akka-cluster on Kubernetes.

  12. Scala Times Issue #224

    Incorporating FaceNet into Play framework with Silhouette authentication. Futures in Scala Protips (part 5): Try more. Zero-Overhead Tree Processing with the Visitor Pattern. More Readable Code in Scala. Relearn your sbt.

  13. Scala Times Issue #223

    Open Offer: Pair program with me. How well do you know your Akka trivia?. ScalaDays 2018 Berlin Takeaways. Scalar 2018 whiteboard voting results!. Implicit Implications (part 1): Implicit Parameters.

  14. Scala Times Issue #222

    Product with Serializable. Scala Enumerations hell. Running Play on GraalVM. Tagless Final algebras and Streaming. 10 Reasons to Learn Scala and FP - DZone Java.

  15. Scala Times Issue #221

    Akka Typed: Hello World in the new API. No More Transformers: High-Performance Effects in Scalaz 8. Writing Internal DSL in Scala. On Bifunctor IO and Java's Checked Exceptions. Partitioning Akka Streams to Maximize Throughput.

  16. Scala Times Issue #220

    Better logging with Monix 3, part 1: MDC. Learning how to code with Scala: Hello, World!. Responding to Incoming Text Messages with Scala and Finatra. Understanding F[_] in Scala. Macros: the Plan for Scala 3.

  17. Scala Times Issue #219

    A quick tour of build tools in Scala. Towards Scala 3. CoRecursive: Graphql And Sangria. Using Redux with Binding.scala. Testing Play Framework with H2 in-memory database.

  18. Scala Times Issue #218

    Cats: Safe Resource Acquisition and Release. An ode to the kind-projector and to the partial-unification of Scala. Models of Computation - Part 2 - How? (inspired by SICP). ScalaUA, April 20-21, 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine. WIN a ticket to Scala Days Berlin!.

  19. Scala Times Issue #217

    A Functional Interface for Key/Value Store. Defeat your 99th percentile with speculative task. Synchronous or asynchronous, and why wrestle with wrappers?. Running Spark on a Cluster: The Basics. Talks from Scalar Conference 2018.

  20. Scala Times Issue #216

    Boilerplate free testing with Scalacheck and Magnolia. ScalaUA, April 20-21, 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine. Scala Sphere, April 15-17, Kraków, Poland. Blockyard Conference, April 13, Gdańsk, Poland. Scala Native 0.3.7.

  21. Scala Times Issue #215

    Akka anti-patterns: overusing ActorSelection. Twilio guardrail: Principled Code-Generation for Type-Safe Languages. Google Summer of Code 2018 Scala Projects. Sequential Traverse for managing parallel resource usage in Scala. Dependency Inversion | Inversion of Control (IoC) For Absolute Beginners.

  22. Scala Times Issue #214

    Cats Effect: IO. Stepping down as the maintainer of scalamacros/paradise. Accessibility of the Scala Compiler. IO Monad and Monad Transformers for Rookies. Exploring Type Annotations in Scala.

  23. Scala Times Issue #213

    Generic Programming and Shapeless with Miles Sabin. Implementing an event-driven HTTP server with Scala Native. Survey on Swagger with Akka HTTP. AST-free JSON parsing. 5 steps of creating your very first Type Class in Scala.

  24. Scala Times Issue #212

    Scala-view: Animate streams of images. Creating forms on your Play application - Part 2. Typesafe Union-type folding in Scala. ManagedT: Compositional resource management. NeoVim + Scala.

  25. Scala Times Issue #211

    Top 15 Scala Libraries for Data Science in 2018. Static Sorting in Slick. Safe(r) mappings in Slick with Shapeless. Tour of Akka Cluster - Cluster Sharding. Akka cluster on kubernetes. Traps and pitfalls.

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